Sentigeek, a leading technology company specialising in brand development, is making waves with its innovative hybrid AI technology. This cutting-edge solution addresses the limitations of state-of-the-art machine learning and deep learning approaches, enabling brands better to understand their customers' emotional dispositions and experiences.


Sentigeek has embarked on a notable partnership with ERT, Greece's prominent public media organisation. With various channels catering to diverse audiences, ERT faced challenges in comprehending what resonates and engages viewers across different demographics. Recognising the need for a transformative approach, their solution leverages data-driven insights from feedback collected from various communication channels, including direct brand interactions and online forums.

Their solution goes beyond analysing emotional experiences; it also considers customers’ practical experiences with a brand's products and services. By aggregating feedback from diverse sources, including customer interactions and discussions among audience members, they uncover hidden experiences that are often overlooked. This is crucial because traditional methods, such as state-of-the-art machine learning and deep learning, often fail to capture these nuanced experiences due to inherent limitations.


Sentigeek has developed a novel hybrid AI technology that combines advanced language processing with data analysis to overcome these limitations. By delving deep into text-based feedback, their solution uncovers experiences and emotional dispositions, enabling brands to make impactful decisions that improve their operations and resonate with their audiences.

For ERT, this collaboration promises significant value. ERT can enhance its products and services by elevating the experiences they offer to its audience through data-driven insights. This, in turn, will accelerate their growth by empowering them to make faster, more informed decisions based on audience data. Additionally, ERT's audience engagement and trust will increase as they provide more relevant content tailored to their viewers' preferences, ultimately fostering brand loyalty.

Sentigeek's impressive track record includes successful projects with major energy companies, material groups, NGOs and prominent financial institutions like Alpha Bank. This extensive experience demonstrates their expertise in delivering data-driven solutions to diverse industries.

During the presentation, Mara from Sentigeek fielded questions from the audience, highlighting the versatility of their technology. The ability to collect and analyse various types of feedback, including written text and call centre transcripts, underscores their commitment to providing comprehensive insights.

One question raised during the session was about measuring audience engagement. They acknowledged two approaches: mechanical tracking, monitoring viewing time and channel changes and collecting feedback to gauge audience responses. They also mentioned their ongoing research on developing an immersion index inspired by the gaming industry. This index aims to measure engagement by analysing audience comments and interactions.

With their unwavering dedication to innovation and problem-solving, Sentigeek is poised to transform the brand development landscape. As they continue collaborating with industry leaders like ERT, their hybrid AI technology promises to revolutionise decision-making processes and drive impactful improvements across various sectors.