Greece-based logistics services provider, DS Transport Solutions, has partnered with Ideas Forward to address the complex task of reporting and predicting the carbon footprint of transport operations. The collaboration aims to provide valuable insights for sustainable decision-making within the industry.

DS Transport Solutions operates as an international freight forwarder, transporting fresh and frozen foods throughout the European Union (EU). The company handles approximately 8,000 shipments annually, primarily between Western and South-eastern Europe.


The freight transport sector faces significant challenges due to its contribution to greenhouse gas emissions. In Europe, transportation accounts for one-third of total emissions, with approximately 80% originating from road transport. Transport emissions continue to rise, unlike other emission categories that have witnessed a decline due to regulations. Consequently, importers and exporters are under increasing pressure to track, report and reduce their carbon emissions, driven by growing public awareness and new regulatory requirements.


However, gathering accurate data to monitor emissions remains a complex and labour-intensive process. The industry suffers from low digitalisation, lack of automation and limited availability of records, often resulting in unreliable estimations. Overcoming these challenges requires innovative solutions that streamline data collection and reporting.

In response, DS Transport Solutions and Ideas Forward have developed a comprehensive platform that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to predict and track the carbon footprint of transport operations. The platform integrates data from various partners across the supply chain, utilising AI algorithms to analyse data inputs, detect errors, and ensure data quality. By generating accurate reports and precise predictions of emissions, the platform empowers stakeholders to make informed decisions regarding sustainable freight transport.

The collaboration between DS Transport Solutions and Ideas Forward holds immense potential for the freight transport industry. The solution enables stakeholders to monitor and reduce carbon emissions effectively by providing reliable tracking and predictive capabilities. This initiative contributes to a holistic approach to mitigating the climate emergency and promoting sustainable practices within the industry.

The partnership is in progress, with DS Transport Solutions actively collecting data on carrier characteristics, vehicle specifications, and historical fuel consumption from previous trips. The goal is to develop a working system seamlessly integrating with the company's infrastructure.

As the project advances, DS Transport Solutions and Ideas Forward anticipate significant advancements in carbon emissions reduction within the freight transport sector. The collaboration aims to drive sustainable practices and encourage environmental responsibility among stakeholders by combining industry expertise, digitalisation efforts and AI capabilities.