Datuum AI, led by Irina, the Vice President of Business Development, presented an exciting solution to data management challenges. Irina acknowledged the difficulties of merging multiple documents into a single file and recognised the costly and time-consuming nature of moving data from one system to another. To address these issues, Datuum AI has developed a no-code platform that automates data merging, saving both time and money for companies and individuals.


The unique aspect of Datuum AI's platform lies in its utilisation of artificial intelligence (AI) to perform data management tasks. Instead of relying on manual efforts, the AI system identifies and moves data seamlessly to its final destination. This no-code approach ensures that individuals working with data do not need to be data engineers, as the platform covers all the technical aspects. Datuum AI envisions its platform as an autopilot for data, streamlining operations and improving efficiency.


While the market for data management tools is crowded, Datuum AI stands out by focusing on non-technical users. Many existing tools cater to developers, leaving a gap for those who need more technical expertise. By providing a user-friendly solution powered by AI, Datuum AI aims to meet the needs of non-technical individuals. Competitors like Anza from Cambridge Semantics and Vida Data operate in the same space. Still, Datuum AI believes its unique combination of AI capabilities and the team's extensive experience in data integration projects sets them apart.

During the Q&A session, Irina addressed inquiries regarding the technical aspects of the solution. She explained that the platform encompasses various models, including machine learning models trained on vast amounts of data. These models perform semantic analysis, enabling them to recognise the meaning of data elements. The AI system identifies names, surnames, and other relevant information, presenting it to the user for verification. Additionally, the platform compares source and destination databases to establish matches and mappings, simplifying the data merging process.

As Datuum AI progresses beyond the minimum viable product (MVP) stage, several companies are already benefiting from its technology. The platform's ability to automate data management tasks with AI assistance positions Datuum AI as an attractive solution for organisations seeking efficient and cost-effective data integration and management solutions.