What is Skill Sync?

Skill Sync is a one-stop solution for AI-based upskilling and competitiveness. It offers personalised course recommendations and identification of training opportunities for startups, SMEs, corporates, HR departments, universities and policymakers. This tool provides access to 10,000+ courses, 600 Deep Tech skills and 300 EIT-supported AI startups. An AI-based expert advisor helps with training plans, innovation policies and improving staff competencies. Developed by seven EIT Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs), this tool is designed to harness the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) while addressing the pressing need for AI skills development within European companies.

The three components of Skill Sync that play a role in shaping the AI landscape:


The tool has 10,000+ AI courses worldwide, in various formats (in-person and online). It covers undergraduate, postgraduate, distance learning and exam preparation courses, with detailed information on hosting platforms, providers, URLs, duration, price, and language, enabling informed course selection.


The tool analyses approximately 300 AI-focused startups and SMEs from the EIT KICs ecosystems, covering various industries like health, food, digital services, manufacturing, environmental sustainability and urban mobility. It stores key data such as employee numbers, AI skills and locations, offering valuable insights for national policymakers and educators to develop targeted AI innovation initiatives.


The tool uses advanced natural language processing (NLP) and AI models to analyse educational institutions and startup workforces' AI-relevant skills. It matches skills mentioned in course descriptions with ESCO skills and normalises employee data from LinkedIn profiles for startups. By comparing course and business skills, the tool identifies skill gaps and provides tailored course recommendations to fill those gaps.


Skill Sync bridges the AI skills gap by providing access to a comprehensive database of AI courses, startups, and AI-relevant skills. It offers targeted recommendations for upskilling employees and identifying skill gaps within companies. The tool also provides insights at a national level to guide policymakers and educators in enhancing AI competitiveness. Developed by the EIT Community on Artificial Intelligence, Skill Sync aims to revolutionise AI skills development and empower European companies in the age of AI.

The EIT AI Community has implemented a cutting-edge data-driven analysis to identify AI skills gaps in Europe. The findings are showcased in a network-based visual database called AI Network Maps, enabling effortless node and network identification. Each view provides in-depth information for interaction and exploration. For complete interactivity and functionalities, log in to the AI Networks landing page and begin your exploratory analysis with our DTT AI Dashboard.

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