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EIT aims to enhance Europe's competitiveness, sustainable economic growth and job creation by fostering collaboration among leading businesses, education institutions and research organisations. We believe in the power of innovation and entrepreneurship to drive positive change. In this context, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionising society and business, offering tremendous potential for improved productivity, new working methods and exciting business opportunities.

As the work landscape evolves and new professions emerge, exploring how we can best leverage the opportunities presented by digitalisation and AI to create value and enhance productivity is crucial. This applies to private and public sectors, where ethical considerations become paramount as decision-making shifts partly from humans to machines. 

How to test the readiness?

The first step to embarking on your AI journey is understanding your organisation’s current performance and readiness to adopt AI. This will enable you to identify potential areas for improvement and select the most effective steps forward.

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd's AI Maturity Tool offers a free self-assessment web tool to evaluate your organisation’s AI maturity level. Completing the assessment will give you a result graph that visualises your company's AI maturity in six dimensions. This baseline will help you recognise the most essential, required or urgent areas for development. Please don't hesitate to contact us for further guidance and discussion on proceeding after this assessment.


Why take this test?

By completing the questionnaire, you will gain insights such as:

  • Your organisation’s AI maturity level
  • A comparison of your organisation’s AI maturity level with other organisations
    Embark on this assessment to understand your organisation’s AI readiness and take confident steps toward a successful AI implementation.

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