Check out the AI Challenge 2024 webinar recording!

Did you miss our webinar on 18 June? Worry not. Watch the recording to learn more about the AI Challenge 2024 structure, timeline and process at the upcoming webinar hosted by Adrian Bablok, Project Manager at EIT Manufacturing. 


An opportunity for stakeholders in corporate and urban environments to engage with innovators offering AI solutions. This initiative promotes cross-sectoral collaboration to speed up the development and implementation of AI technologies for creating more efficient, sustainable and resilient systems. By connecting challenge owners with AI solution providers, the AI Challenge 2024 seeks to facilitate progress in addressing the key issues faced by corporations and urban areas today.

Submit your challenges before 14 July by filling out the questionnaire below.


A platform that connects businesses with AI solution providers based on their specific challenges. This method helps corporations to find matches with innovators who possess the appropriate expertise and technology. Through a pairing process, businesses receive AI solutions that are applicable to their situations. This matching is designed to support collaborations that can improve operational efficiency and resilience in corporate and urban environments.



                   For challenge owners

For solution providers

Eligibility check

Every challenge that is handed in will be evaluated equally based on the criteria mentioned in the guidelines document. Out of the several applications, twelve challenges will be selected to compete for the award prize. The others will still have an opportunity to find a solution but will not be eligible to compete for the award prize.

For more information, please read the guidelines below. 

Fee and award prizes

Fee for challenge owner:

KIC partners: Free
External applicants: 5,000€
If an external applicant later becomes a KIC partner, the 5,000€ will be waived from the first membership fee.

Award prize:

1st place: 20,000€
2nd place: 15,000€
3rd place: 10,000€

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