Connecting corporates with AI solution providers

The EIT Community is launching its second AI Challenge, offering SMEs and corporates an opportunity to implement or enhance their AI solutions. As businesses struggle with various AI use cases, the EIT Community aims to facilitate the process by providing a service to connect them with suitable AI solution providers, including startups and renowned players in the field.

Following the success of the inaugural AI Challenge held in 2022, which effectively matched corporates with fitting startups from within the Ecosystem, the EIT Community is excited to build on this momentum. The challenge aims to identify opportunities for startups, SMEs, and corporates to either embark on their AI journey or enhance their existing AI systems.


Focus topics


Data spaces for cities, health and manufacturing


AI for 5G technologies


AI for drones


AI for synthetic data and data anonymisation


AI for predictive operations

Innovate with AI

The EIT Community AI Challenge presents an exciting opportunity for businesses to leverage the power of AI to improve their competitiveness. By connecting corporates with AI solution providers, the EIT Community aims to foster innovation and drive technological advancements in various industries. Interested participants are encouraged to submit their AI challenges or solutions before the deadline and join this collaborative journey towards unlocking the potential of artificial intelligence.

For more information and to submit your AI challenge, contact

Investment and prizes

Cost for Challenge owner:

KIC Partners: 7,500€
External Partners: 15,000€

Award prize:

1st place: 15,000€
2nd place: 10,000€
3rd place: 5,000€

Interested to join the AI Challenge 2023?