Joint Focus Group AI

The EIT AI Community and Digital SME Alliance are teaming up to introduce the Joint Focus Group AI and you're invited to be part of this collaboration.

This strategic partnership paves the way for Europe's most innovative startups, scale-ups, SMEs, universities and TTOs to actively engage in this venture. It's your chance to dive headfirst into the world of AI innovation.

Pioneering a new era in European AI leadership

The inception of this focus group was rooted in the goal of lending technical expertise to shape the EU's AI Act. 

In a landscape where the legal framework for AI systems is steadily crystallising, the gaze shifts towards the future of Europe's AI ecosystem. The EU's visionary Digital Decade program aspires to see 75% of European companies seamlessly integrating AI tools by 2030. Yet, the reality is that the EU faces a gap in AI capabilities. While home to some of the world’s best universities and research institutions, when it comes to commercial applications, we are falling behind. European companies have not bridged the divide between themselves and their US counterparts in terms of R&D spending. Simultaneously, the EU is at risk of losing the global talent race and has a marked shortage of AI scale-ups.

In light of these challenges, the time has come to chart an unequivocal roadmap. A roadmap that empowers innovation leaders to readily embrace AI solutions and one that propels Europe's AI ecosystem to assert global leadership.

Pivotal questions

  • What is the prevailing state of affairs in the AI skills job market? 
  • What tools and strategies can startups and SMEs leverage to bridge the AI skills gap effectively? 
  • What are the strategic, long-term initiatives that Europe can undertake to foster upskilling and reskilling within local ecosystems? 

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